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Collection Plates
1mL 96-well Collection Plates 2mL 96-well Collection Plates and Cap Mats Small Volume 96-well Plates PCR Plates Flexi-Tier
384-well Collection Plates 96-well Glass Inserts Reservoirs, Trough Plates and Basins Adhesive Sealing Films LightOne Illuminator
Cap Mat Compatibility Guide 

Advantage™ 384-Well Collection Plates

384-Well Collection Plates Our Advantage™ 384-Well collection plates and accessories are designed for high throughput analysis and are available in an assortment of volume sizes and colors. The ability to color code allows you to quickly and easily identify the various stages of your samples whether they have been processed through protein precipitation, de-salting or dilutions.

Our polypropylene plates are chemical and solvent resistant and are fully compatible with automated and robotic systems. They are available in an assortment of sizes and colors: 65µL, 120µL, 200µL, and 400µL.

120µL Square 384-Well Collection Plate 0.16mL, 0.35mL & 120µL Square Well

Cat. No. Description UOM
38435 0.35mL, Square Well, Round Bottom, Clear PP, 58μL/ well 60
38120 Polypropylene, Square Well, 120µL, Clear 24

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200µL Square 384-WellCollection Plate 200µL Square Well

Cat. No. Description UOM
38200 Polypropylene, Square Well, 200µL, Clear 24
38200B Polypropylene, Square Well, 200µL, Blue 24
38200G Polypropylene, Square Well, 200µL, Green 24
38200R Polypropylene, Square Well, 200µL, Red 24
38200Y Polypropylene, Square Well, 200µL, Yellow 24

400µL Square 384-Well Collection Plate 400µL Square Well

Cat. No. Description UOM
38400 Polypropylene, Square Well, 400µL, Clear 24
38400B Polypropylene, Square Well, 400µL, Blue 24
38400G Polypropylene, Square Well, 400µL, Green 24
38400R Polypropylene, Square Well, 400µL, Red 24
38400Y Polypropylene, Square Well, 400µL, Yellow 24

3894 Round Well Collection Plate 65 µL Round Well

Cat. No. Description UOM
38650 Advantage 65μL, Polystyrene, Clear, Round Well 100
38650B Advantage 65μL, Polystyrene, Black, Round Well 100
38650W Advantage 65μL, Polystyrene, White, Round Well 100

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384-well Cap Mat on Plate
Cap Mats & Accessories

Cat. No. Description UOM
96384 Molded 384-Well Soft Silicone Square Well Cap Mat 5
96384SL Molded 384-Well Pre-Slit Soft Silicone Square Well Cap Mat 5
96400 4" Rubber Roller (Used to secure Cap Mat to Plate) 1

Rubber Roller

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