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Company Profile

Analytical Sales and Services was founded in March 1988 (PittCon is our anniversary). Over the years weve built our reputation as a caring, value-added, technical support company. At Analytical Sales and Services, we apply intelligence to helping you make your analysis more valuable. We invent, manufacture and supply a vast array of products tailored to chromatography applications. Therefore, our intellectual property can help yours. We know its important to you to be able to discuss new products, ideas, and ways to improve support after the sale.

Markets Served
Our major focus continues to be in the HPLC and related chromatography markets of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, with a primary focus on R&D.

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported
• Chromatography Modeling
• High Through-put
• Solid Phase Extraction

Major Products & Services 
Products developed and manufactured by Analytical Sales & Services:
• Hot Sleeve™ column heater
• Cold Sleeve™ column cooler/heater
• AgileSLEEVE™ small diameter flexible column heater
• MultiSLEEVE™ multiple column heater controller
• PowerSelector™ temperature controlled column selector
• FlexChrom™ 1/16 flexible stainless steel tubing
• UHPLC fingertight fittings
• TrueTaper™ 96-well collection plates
• Teflon® and Silicone Adhesive Sealing Films and Cap Mats
• DBS Dried Blood Spot Card Punch
• Photoredox/Optimization Plates
• 96 and 384-well protein crash filter plates
• Vacuum manifold filtration system

Other chromatography-related products offered:
• HPLC/LCMS columns: Wide selection of hardware and sorbents available for analytical, narrow-bore, microbore, prep and semi-prep applications
• Direct-connect columns
• Sample and solvent preparation products
• Automated valves for injection, selection and switching
• Fluidic transfer products, tubing and fittings
• Replacement pump parts and detector lamps
• 96 and 384-well collection plates, glass inserts, cap mats and films
• Solid-phase extraction
• Canary-Safe™ solvent safety products

• New product design and manufacturing
• Custom product development

Methods Development:
Analytical Sales and Services will assist our customers with methods development and applications support whenever needed.

Our corporate headquarters is located in Flanders, New Jersey. All operations, including R&D, manufacturing, and applications laboratory for conducting methods development for customers are located here.

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