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EluChrom™ Extraction Cartridges

EluChrom™ Extraction Cartridges  
Cat. No. Description
3P18/P18 3mL Cartridge, 50/Pkg
6P18/P18 6mL Cartridge, 50/Pkg
12P18/P18 12mL Cartridge, 25/Pkg
25P18/P18 25mL Cartridge, 10/Pkg
70P18/P18 70mL Cartridge, 10/Pkg

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EluChrom™ Dual-Action Extraction Cartridges for tissue samples and solid samples. Analytical Sales and Services is pleased to introduce a NEW universal SPE device designed to facilitate the application of matrix solid phase dispersion (MSPD) in large throughput evaluation of biological samples. This patent pending device is packed with a unique polymeric sorbent which is ideally suited for biopharmaceuticals, environmental, and water purification applications. This highly innovative extraction device is feasible for all classes of tissue sample extractions including both plants and animals.

EluChrom™ is a dual-compartment SPE cartridge with two independent beds each with a given task in mind. The top compartment is a floating bed, that is not sandwiched between frits. The function of the top compartment is to aid the filtration process by interacting with the tissue sample. However, its role as a chromatographic medium is also significant.

The bottom compartment, or chromatography compartment, contains a polymeric sorbent sandwiched between two frits. The function of the bottom compartment is to chromatographically separate sample components extracted in the top compartment.

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