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Sample Filtration
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General Filtration Filter Plates

General Filtration Filter Plate
  • After SPE
  • Dilute and Shoot
  • Use prior to LCMS and Microarraying
  • Filtration of Tissue Culture Media, Antibiotics, Alcohols and protein Solutions

Low Protein Binding -
Sample in Solvent

Cat. No. Description UOM
96432-10 1mL Hydrophilic PVDF, 0.20µm 10
96465-10 2mL Hydrophilic PVDF, 0.20µm 10
96832-10 1mL Hydrophilic PVDF, 0.45µm 10
96835-10 2mL Hydrophilic PVDF, 0.45µm 10
96152-10 1mL Hydrophilic PP, 0.20µm 10
96252-10 2mL Hydrophilic PP, 0.20µm 10
96155-10 1mL Hydrophilic PP, 0.45µm 10
96255-10 2mL Hydrophilic PP, 0.45µm 10
96205-25 2mL, Glass Fiber, 5.0µm 25
General Biological Filtration -
Aqueous Sample

Cat. No. Description UOM
96620-10 1mL Nylon Filter Plate, 0.20µm 10
96210-10 2mL Nylon Filter Plate, 0.20µm 10
96110-10 1mL Nylon Filter Plate, 0.45µm 10
96255-10 2mL Nylon Filter Plate, 0.45µm 10

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General Filtration 384-Well Filter Plates
Cat. No. Description UOM
38407 140µL, Glass Fiber, 0.7µm 10
38412 140µL, Glass Fiber, 1.2µm 10
38405 140µL, Glass Fiber, 5.0µm 10

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