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Temperature Control

for Chromatography Columns

HOT SLEEVE™ HPLC Column Heater
Analytical Size Column Heaters

• Self-calibrating
• Temperature range from 5ºC above ambient to 85ºC
• Accommodates HPLC columns up to 30cm in length
• Available in 5/10/15/25/30cm lengths, as well as Prep & Semi-Prep sizes
• Tube style design: Unsnap for easy column insertion & removal

The new HotSleeve Plus is a self-calibrating “smart’ heater that utilizes “Plug & Play” technology. This technology eliminates error generated when switching heaters from one system to another. It incorporates a unique “Tube Style” design which encapsulates a single HPLC column up to 30cm in length.

The HotSleeve Plus replaces the original Hot Sleeve column heater. Use with either the MultiSLEEVE™ controller or the new MonoSLEEVE™ controller, sold separately.
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Hot Sleeve™ for Analytical Columns

HotSleeve Plus must be used with either the MultiSLEEVE or MonoSLEEVE controller.
HotSleeve™+ for Analytical Columns
Cat. No. Description
HSI-5L HotSleeve Plus 5cm Self-calibrating Column Heater
HSI-10L HotSleeve Plus 10cm Self-calibrating Column Heater
HSI-15L HotSleeve Plus 15cm Self-calibrating Column Heater
HSI-25L HotSleeve Plus 25cm Self-calibrating Column Heater
HSI-30L HotSleeve Plus 30cm Self-calibrating Column Heater

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Super size HotSleeve Plus

Safety Rating

All ASAS heater products carry the value recognized CE mark. Each Heater meets the demanding electromagnetic emission standards of the new European Union Directives, United States standards, and Canadian standards.

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