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Collection Plates
Small Volume 96-well Plates Small Volume 96-well Plates Photoredox Collection Plates Photoredox Collection Plates

• Non-magnetic LED base
• Robust Controller Shell
• PTFE coated cabling
• Chemically-resistant LED cover

Lumidox™ System
for Photoredox Rx Catalysis

Rapid Parallel Photocatalyzed Processes in
24 or 96-Well Plate Reactors

• Repeatable Control of Photon Intensity
• 30mA LED Maximum Output
• Blue (470nm), Green (527nm), and White LEDís

Cat. No. Description
LUM24B Lumidox 24-Well Blue LED Array
LUM24G Lumidox 24-Well Green LED Array
LUM24W Lumidox 24-Well White LED Array
LUM96B Lumidox 96-Well Blue LED Array
LUM96G Lumidox 96-Well Green LED Array
LUM96W Lumidox 96-Well White LED Array
LUM96BGW Lumidox 96-Well, Alternating Blue, Green and White LED Array
LUMCON Lumidox Complete LED Controller

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Arrays available in Blue, Green, White and Alternating

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