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Solvent Safety

Mobile Phase Bottle Caps Safety Waste Caps Solvent Containers and Connectors Multi-Inlet Waste manifold Sentinel Level Sensor

Sentinel™ Level Indicator

• Monitor up to 3 bottles (waste or mobile phase) at the same time
• Front panel LEDs indicate which sensor has been activated
• Beacon light illuminates to signify fluid level status (green, red, orange)
• Beacon light can be ceiling-mounted
• Audio alert adjustable to 92dB

Cat. No. Description
Sentinel Level Indicator, includes 3 sensors

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A sensor monitors the fluid level in your container. The Beacon illuminates green under safe level conditions. Up to three containers can be monitored at once.

The Beacon illuminates red and an audio alert sounds when a level has been reached (full or empty, depending on setup).

Front panel LEDs indicate which sensor has been activated.

The Pause button feature suspends audio and visual (red alert) while the Beacon remains illuminated orange, reminding the user that attention is needed.

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