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Our Products

Collection Plates
2mL 96-well Collection Plates and Cap Mats Small Volume 96-well Plates Adhesive Sealing Films 96-well Glass Inserts
Flexi-Tier 384-well Collection Plates PCR Plates LightOne Illuminator Reservoirs, Trough Plates and Basins
Donít Get Stuck with Your Guard Down!

SiliGuard™ & Silanized
Low-bind Collection Plates,
Vials & Inserts

Get the most from your samples. Prevent your valuable compounds from sticking to polypropylene or glass surfaces. We offer SiliGuard™, a low-bind surface coating which can be applied to all polypropylene products. We also offer silanized glass vials and inserts. Please call for details.

Call 973-616-0700 for more information.

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