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Fluidic transfer Products
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UHPLC Tubing, Fittings and Assemblies

  • Pre-finished Stainless Steel
  • One-piece design - no brazed-on sleeves
  • 1/16" OD at the ends, 1/32" OD in the middle
  • True ZDV
  • Ultra high pressure - successfully tested to 27,000 psi
  • Available as UHPLC assemblies with Stainless Steel fingertight fittings

Each FlexChrom™ tube is produced from a single piece of 1/16” O.D. Stainless
Steel with the middle of the tube reduced to 1/32” O.D.
FlexChrom Tubing

FlexChrom™ Stainless Steel
Tubing with no end fittings

Cat. No. Dimensions
990041-Flex 10cm x 0.004”ID
990011-Flex 10cm x 0.005”ID
930011-Flex 10cm x 0.007”ID
970011-Flex 10cm x 0.010”ID
990042-Flex 20cm x 0.004”ID
990015-Flex 20cm x 0.005”ID
930015-Flex 20cm x 0.007”ID
970015-Flex 20cm x 0.010”ID
990043-Flex 30cm x 0.004”ID
990028-Flex 30cm x 0.005”ID
930028-Flex 30cm x 0.007”ID
970028-Flex 30cm x 0.010”ID
FlexChrom™ Double UHPLC Assembly

Single UHPLC Assembly
(Includes 1 Fingertight SS Fitting)
Cat. No. Dimensions
990141-Flex 10cm x 0.004”ID
990111-Flex 10cm x 0.005”ID
930111-Flex 10cm x 0.007”ID
970111-Flex 10cm x 0.010”ID
990142-Flex 20cm x 0.004”ID
990115-Flex 20cm x 0.005”ID
930115-Flex 20cm x 0.007”ID
970115-Flex 20cm x 0.010”ID
990143-Flex 30cm x 0.004”ID
990128-Flex 30cm x 0.005”ID
930128-Flex 30cm x 0.007”ID
970128-Flex 30cm x 0.010”ID
FlexChrom™ Double UHPLC Assembly

Double UHPLC Assembly
(Includes 2 Fingertight SS Fittings)
Cat. No. Dimensions
990241-Flex 10cm x 0.004”ID
990211-Flex 10cm x 0.005”ID
930211-Flex 10cm x 0.007”ID
970211-Flex 10cm x 0.010”ID
990242-Flex 20cm x 0.004”ID
990215-Flex 20cm x 0.005”ID
930215-Flex 20cm x 0.007”ID
970215-Flex 20cm x 0.010”ID
990243-Flex 30cm x 0.004”ID
990228-Flex 30cm x 0.005”ID
930228-Flex 30cm x 0.007”ID
970228-Flex 30cm x 0.010”ID
FlexChrom™ Double UHPLC Assembly

Ultra High Pressure Finger Tight UHPLC Assemblies

Ultra High Pressure UHPLC Fitting Assemblies are the perfect column connectors because they totally eliminate any possibility of Dead Volume in the critical inlet and outlet areas, while holding pressure to 27,000psi. Our fittings guarantee a void-free connection because they push and lock the tubing into the column port! The unique design separates tube holding function from sealing function for long life, and because the pressure is applied to the tubing and not the ferrule, when the fitting is removed, the ferrule does not become lodged in the end-fitting, making change over painless! Two independent finger tightening adjustments allow sealing pressure to be applied to the ferrule and tubing independently. The application of force directly to the tubing eliminates tubing ‘creep,’ or pulling out. Creep occurs when the tubing slides relative to the ferrule and ultimately leads to tubing ‘blow out’, but before failure, dead volume increases over time.

Single UHPLC Assembly
1/16” OD Tubing Single UHPLC Assembly
Cat. No. Dimensions Cat. No. Dimensions Cat. No. Dimensions Cat. No. Dimensions
61510 10cm x 0.005”ID 61710 10cm x 0.007”ID 61610 10cm x 0.010”ID 61210 10cm x 0.020”ID
61520 20cm x 0.005”ID 61720 20cm x 0.007”ID 61620 20cm x 0.010”ID 61220 20cm x 0.020”ID
61530 30cm x 0.005”ID 61730 30cm x 0.007”ID 61630 30cm x 0.010”ID 61230 30cm x 0.020”ID
61560 60cm x 0.005”ID 61715 15cm x 0.007”ID        
New Longer Lengths!
61540 40cm x 0.005”ID 61740 40cm x 0.007”ID 61640 40cm x 0.010”ID 61240 40cm x 0.020”ID
61550 50cm x 0.005”ID 61750 50cm x 0.007”ID 61650 50cm x 0.010”ID 61250 50cm x 0.020”ID

Double UHPLC Assembly
1/16” OD Tubing Double UHPLC Assembly
Cat. No. Dimensions Cat. No. Dimensions Cat. No. Dimensions Cat. No. Dimensions
62510 10cm x 0.005”ID 62710 10cm x 0.007”ID 62610 10cm x 0.010”ID 62210 10cm x 0.020”ID
62520 20cm x 0.005”ID 62720 20cm x 0.007”ID 62620 20cm x 0.010”ID 62220 20cm x 0.020”ID
62530 30cm x 0.005”ID 62730 30cm x 0.007”ID 62630 30cm x 0.010”ID 62230 30cm x 0.020”ID
62560 60cm x 0.005”ID 62715 15cm x 0.007”ID        
New Longer Lengths!
62540 40cm x 0.005”ID 62740 40cm x 0.007”ID 62640 40cm x 0.010”ID 62240 40cm x 0.020”ID
62550 50cm x 0.005”ID 62750 50cm x 0.007”ID 62650 50cm x 0.010”ID 62250 50cm x 0.020”ID

  Ferrule Removal Tool
Ferrule Removal Tool This tool removes high pressure PEEK™ or stainless steel ferrules that are stuck in your system. Works great for removing two-piece self-locking ferrule systems and single PEEK™ ferrules.

Catalog No. Description
61629 Removal Tool

Graphite Ferrules
Replacement Graphite Ferrules
Catalog No. Description
68566-1 Replacement Graphite Ferrules, 5/Pkg.

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